Dr. Sharareh (Sherry) Ghodousi, DMD, DDS

General Dentist, DMD, DDS
Phone : 001 234 56 79
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Presently, Dr. Sherry is the owner/ director of Marine Dental Clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Redwood Dental Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is currently teaching part-time at the University of Manitoba and University of British Colombia as a dental instructor. She was the former owner/ director of all the Ghoudousi Medical centers located in Dubai, Iran, and at the same time, she was teaching and working at the Pediatric Hospital at the Tehran University, Iran.

Dr. Sherry has received her Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) diploma from the University of Manitoba from the Faculty of Dentistry. Prior to receiving her (DMD), she graduated from Tehran University from the Faculty of Dentistry, as a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS).

Over the years Dr. Sherry has taken many courses to improve her knowledge of dentistry to provide the best and up-to-date treatments for her patients. She has traveled to many countries such as Turkey, Italy, France, Sweden, Russia, Germany, the USA, UK, Switzerland, and Bulgaria to familiarize herself with different techniques being offered and provide the best overall care for her patients. She has attended “Invisalign” and “Six Month Smiles” Short Term Orthodontic courses. She took the “Friadent System Training course”. Dr. Sherry attended the “Bicon Implant Training” course. Along with all the courses she has taken, she also attended the Greater New York Dental Meeting, Constructing Fiber Laminate- Composite Dental Restoration, and the Versawave Dental laser Training course.

Dr. Sherry has made some publications and has done research during the time she was working at the Children’s Medical Center Hospital at the Tehran University, Which are as follows:

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and tooth erosion in cross-sectional observation study. Author: Farahmand Fatemeh, Sabbaghian Mozghan, Ghodousi Sharareh, Seddighoraee Nasila, Abbasi Mahdi 2013-04-09 J Gut and Liver.

Dental Problems in Hypophosphatamic Rickers; Across sectional study. Author: Ali Rabbani, Parisa Rahmani, Sharareh Ghodousi Iranian J Pediatric 2013: Vol 22.

Outside the office, Dr. Sherry enjoys playing piano, drawing, biking, hiking, skiing, swimming, and spending time with family.


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